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  • FAW-Volkswagen Sales Company Audi Brand CS Dep. Accessories and collections annual Agency Recruitment Document


      Due to the company's business development, Audi brand customer service department need to recruit an annual agency publicly, please pay attention to the following:

      1. 招募标准:

      Recruitment criteria:

      1.1 依法成立企业,具有有效的企业法人营业执照及税务登记证明,招募要求的服务在其批准的营业服务内,有良好的商业信誉和健全的财务会计制度,依法缴纳税金和社会保障基金(以税务机关和社保机构出具证明为准)。参与招募的公司须成立于2017年8月1日之前,须在中国大陆设有办公室,该办公室须成立于2017年8月1日之前; Lawfully established company with valid business license and tax registration certificate, good business reputation and sound financial accounting system and tax and social security funds are payed in accordance with the Law (assured the regarding government department). The company must establish before Aug. 1st 2017, it must have office in China, which establish before Aug. 1st 2017.

      1.2 公司须有1年及以上汽车附件精品业务资历,包括产品、策略、咨询、营销活动、创意方面资历(针对以上资历要求,请提供可参考的产品专利,项目合同, 案例等说明材料)。设立在中国大陆办公室各类专业人员总计6人以上;Over 1 years Automotive Accessories and collections experience, including experiences on products,strategy,advisory,marketing activities and Creativity(for the above experience ,please provide reference product patent, contract, cases or other evidence materils) .Over 6 personnel in Chinese office;

      1.3 注册资金人民币300万(含300万)以上,签约后需提供为奥迪品牌附件精品业务服务的稳定核心团队,至少5名以上核心人员,签约期内,核心人员不得服务于除奥迪品牌附件精品业务之外的其它业务。Over 3million (include 3 million) of registered capital, provide Audi brand accessories and collections service with stable service team after sign contract with FAW-VW, the service team for Audi brand has at least 5 core personnel, who are not allowed to serve other business except for Audi accessories and collections business.

      2. 招募须知:

      Recruitment notice:

      2.1 签约后业务范围:奥迪品牌附件精品业务;

      Scope of business: Audi brand accessories and collections business

      2.2 商业机密保护:若招募成功,该签约公司必须遵守一汽-大众汽车有限公司诚信、保密、廉洁等相关要求。符合招募标准且有意愿参与招募评选的公司请将本公告第3条规定的资料简装版(密封处加盖公司公章)通过顺丰快递邮寄至一汽-大众汽车有限公司采购部,须在北京时间2019年6月6日24:00前投递,逾期提交的资料视为无效。另请以邮件形式通知快递邮寄时间和运单号,以备查档所需。Business secret: the final winning agency must abide by FAW-VW Automotive Co., Ltd confidential agreement. Agency that willing to join the pitch should mail your files that stipulated in No.3 to FAW-VW Supply Department through EMS. Send the file before 24:00 of 2019.6.6. Mailing after this date will be regarded as invalid file. Also please email your EMS date and EMS tracking number to us.


      Please see mail address and contact below:



      Mail address: FAW-VW SU Department, An Qing Lu No. 5, Changchun, Jilin.

      Wang Zhongwei, Post Code: 130011


      Business contract person:


      Email: zhongwei.wang@faw-vw.com


      Technical contract person:


      Email: zhouzong.hua@faw-vw.com

      3. 须提交资料:

      Required files:

      3.1 申报表(请见附件)请如实填写贵司相关信息,加盖公司公章并请法人代表签字。Application form (see attachment); please truthfully fill in your company’s information, put company seal and legal representative’s signature

      3.2 公司资质:经年检合格的营业执照,税务登记证,组织机构代码证及其它证明材料;法人代表证明书或法人委托书;法人代表身份证、经办人身份证;(以上内容请提供复印件;营业执照请加盖公司公章并提供营业执照官网真伪查询信息);中国大陆办公室具体地址及相应成立时间(须提供证明材料)。

      Company qualification: business license after annual check, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate and other credentials; legal representative certificate or power of attorney; legal representative’s ID; (provide copies of above documents; put company seal on business license and provide official website checking information for business license); exact address and establish time of Chinese office (need evidentiary files)

      3.3 公司管理机构及人员情况:管理层机构及人员介绍,策略专业人员介绍(数量、工作年限、资质等),附件精品专业人员介绍,必须包含5名核心人员。(数量、工作年限、资质等)。


      Company management structure and personnel: management structure and personnel introduction, strategic personnel introduction (number, years of working, qualification), Introduction of after-sales service marketing professionals. (number, years of working, qualification). (Note: need to provide recent half year social security payment evidence of all core personnel,if these security payment paid by third party,  labor contract evidence also needed. Please provide search web address and Verification method if needed)

      3.4 提交人员招聘标准、人员管理、培训、激励机制和组织机构、职责、流程、工作考核记录的相关文件要求,组织机构中请列明5名核心人员;

      Possess the Company's complete organizational structure, job responsibilities, processes, work assessment records. 5 core

      3.5 近三年(2015年、2016年、2017年)服务客户情况:在中国服务知名品牌客户情况(服务时间、服务范围、服务年费)。(请提供合同扫描件为证,详细内容可脱敏处理,但必须体现甲乙双方公司名称并能证明项目内容,并明确标注服务开始和结束时间或其它证明)。

      Client service status in recent 3 years (2015,2016,2017): Famous brand client service status in China (service time, scope of service, annual service fee). (need contract or other materil as evidence, sensitive information can be hidden, but two companies’ name ,contents, start time and end time should be included)

      3.6 附件精品业务经验:提供5年内从事附件精品行业调研分析案例及调研报告、从事附件精品产品方面工作案例。(请提供合同扫描件为证,详细内容可脱敏处理,但必须体现甲乙双方公司名称并能证明项目内容包含上述业务或其它证明)。

      Accessories and collection experience: provide recent 5 years’ cases and reports of survey analysis and product experience. ((need contract or other material as evidence, sensitive information can be hidden, but two companies’ name ,contents, start time and end time should be included)

      3.7 营销活动能力:提供近3年本公司制定的活动策划、广告创意、宣传物料制作方面的具体案例及获奖情况。(请提供合同扫描件为证,详细内容可脱敏处理,但必须体现甲乙双方公司名称并能证明项目内容包含上述能力要求 或其它证明)

      Marketing Activity Capability: Provides specific cases and awards of event planning, advertising creativity, and promotional materials production developed by the company in the past three years. (Need contract or other material as evidence, sensitive information can be hidden, but two companies’ name, contents, start time and end time should be included)

      3.8 新零售业务经验:提供近3年在新零售方面案例。(请提供合同扫描件为证,详细内容可脱敏处理,但必须体现甲乙双方公司名称并能证明项目内容包含上述经验要求或其它证明)

      New retail business experience: providing nearly three years of new retail cases. (Need contract or other material as evidence, sensitive information can be hidden, but two companies’ name ,contents, start time and end time should be included)

      3.9 提供第三方资源情况及证明(请提供合同或协议扫描件为证,详细内容可脱敏处理,但必须体现甲乙双方公司名称及合作内容);

      Provide third party resources and proofs. (Need contract or Protocol as evidence, sensitive information can be hidden, but two companies’ name ,contents, should be included)

      3.10. 提供银行资信说明和企业信用情况说明,公司近3年财务报表(资产负债表,利润表,现金流量表);


      As for 3.3-3.5, except written files, please also provide a video or a PPT material that introduce company, core team members, historical achievement, put the video in a USB, the video should not more than 10 minutes.

      上述资料和信息必须属实。请提供清晰且完整的材料,提供不全将视为无法提供。所有相关项目经验在公示文件发布前有效,公示文件发布后产生无效。如查明有虚假资料和信息,将取消其招募资格。All above files and information must be correct. If found fake file and information, we will disqualify your pitch application.

      以上材料,请尽量提供中英双语,视频文件请配上英文备注。Please try to provide above files in both Chinese and English. Put English subtitle on the introduction video.

      4. 招募流程:

      Recruitment process:

      4.1 招募公告官网公布 announce pitch recruitment on official website

      4.2 收集应招代理公司资料 collect agency’s files

      4.3 相关资料筛选评审 review and check agency’s files.

      4.4 如提交资料初审通过,将通知该公司下一步工作 agency will get further notice if the file passed review and check.



      Note: FAW-VW Automotive Co., Ltd reserves all the right of the final explanation of this announcement.

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